Java House


It`s not a tourism spot nor a resort.

It`s the head office of Java Company and we call ” Java House ”

Situated in the middle of rice field, the office is composed of 9 traditional Javanese houses. The large traditional gate welcomes to the complex.

Kampung Daun believes great design is all about matching the vision and culture. Adapted from the Javanese culture to translate the corporate`s image to architectural design, this Joglo is built in artisan`s detail.

Raise the expectations.

Kampung Daun brings tradition to architectural design and mixed perfectly with the landscape. Tradition to transition, cultural to tropical. All is mixed well in one place.

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From the nature to us. As the main concept is natural tropical, the materials are taken directly from mother nature herself..
River stone, pebbles, bricks, beach sand, corals, bamboo and even the planters and pots are earthenware and stoneware. Kamasutra statues represent the enlightened one. The primary role of Kamasutra statues is to convey the calm feelings.

Kampung Daun invites him over to one of the showrooms to bring peace and protection. Kamasutra statues come in a wide variety of poses, the most common one is the Kamasutra in Lotus position.

This is a position of meditation that symbolized perfect balance of thought and tranquility.

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